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Hello! My name is Chris and I am an entrepreneur, adventure sports photographer and part time teacher.

I live in New Zealand (born in New York) and photograph in the adventure tourism and adventure sports industry.  I love to snowboard and hike and always carry my camera with me whatever adventure I am on.  I realised people started to respond to my photos and I began working with with larger and larger companies here to design photo stories for their stores, brochures, websites etc.

I have been fortunate to work with the likes of Torpedo7, Got To Get Out, Destination Coromandel and many other adventure tourism related businesses to capture the human experience in the NZ outdoors.

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My approach to photography is to capture candid moments in outdoor sports and adventures that highlight adventurers in their 'zone' and enjoying the moment.

I offer experience in:

-Extreme sports/adventure photography

-Adventure Tourism

-Event photography (outdoor and indoor)

-Actor/Actress portfolio shoots

-Brand photography

I am a snowboard instructor, hiker, wannabe mountain biker and surfer, and spend a majority of my time outdoors.  You bet that any time I am out doing any of these activities, my camera is right by my side ready to capture the fun! 

Photography has grown for me from a hobby to a lifestyle, and I am excited to keep capturing every moment.  I found a way to combine all of my interests to explore the outdoors and capture the people that join me in moments doing what they love.

This website serves as a landing space for all of the pictures I have taken over the years, and I want to give you a chance to bring them into your home and life. I hope you enjoy!


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Featured in...

Wilderness Magazine (cover), April 2021

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Adventure Magazine cover photo and feature article, June 2021

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Phone: (NZ) +64 020 4153 2032

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