Private Adventure Photography/ Videography

Are you going on an adventure?

Want a professional photographer to capture it?

Hire me to join you on your adventure, whatever it might be.

Going mountain biking for the first time with friends? 

Doing a New Zealand Great Walk for the weekend? 

Hiking your first mountain?

Getting the Coworkers out of the office and doing team-building?

Running your first trail running race or half marathon and want personal photos of the before, during and after race experience?

Whatever your reason for needing adventure content, I offer YEARS of experience in the outdoors in several areas, and can confidently join you to capture the experience. 

  • Mt. Ruapehu Pinnacle Ridge, Whakapapa Ski Field
  • Te Araroa Track start, Cape Reinga, New Zealand
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Why would I hire someone  
when my phone is good enough?

It lets you enjoy the experience and live in the moment.

Let me worry about the photo and video and you just spend the time enjoying your adventure.

A lot of athletes or people who do adventure sports don't have too that many photos and videos because of the effort it takes.  They want to do the sport because they love it and not to show it off. 

I want to come along and enjoy the activity with you, and capture content that you will share for years to come.

Who is this  good for?




-Groups of friends or clubs

-School groups on camps

-Corporate groups and team building getaways

-Athletes (amateur or professional)

-Someone just getting started in the outdoors

It is great for anyone really!

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How will it work?

-You tell me what adventure it is you are planning

-You tell me what kinds of photos and video you might want (it is ok if you are not sure...that is part of my job to find the best shots)

-I either drive to your adventure with you, or meet you there

-We go on the adventure together, or I watch from afar and capture content  

-You get your photos and videos delivered digitally, AND have the option to print directly off my website             

What kind of adventures 

do you capture?

Races (running or otherwise), weekend hikes, bike rides, surfing or sailing, go-Karting, solo trips, mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding or skiing, multi day adventures.

And anything in between.  If you have an idea for an adventure that's not on my list, let me know and I am sure we can find a way to capture the content!

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It really is that simple.  You want an adventure.  I come along with you, give you photos and videos of that adventure.  You are a happy customer who now has epic photos...and hopefully you hire me again for your next one! 

A picture is worth a thousand words...and more adventures!

Sounds amazing...but why should I hire YOU?

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-AIPA Certified (Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association)

-NZ certified Primary School Teacher (means I am police background checked)

-20+ years of outdoor experience in many adventure sports (hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding and more)

-Produced content for several international marketing campaigns in the NZ tourism and Adventure Sports industry

- I am just as keen as you to go on it would be really easy to convince me to come along!

Great, You're hired! much will this cost me?

There is no way for me to put a price on EVERY adventure, because every adventure is unique and requires unique attention.

Because everyone's adventure is a little different, please contact me first and tell me a little bit about your adventure before I can confidently say how much it would cost.

Connect With Me!

Call me: (NZ) +64 020 4153 2032

or find me on social, email or my contact page

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