A special note about this year's photos at Mount Ruapehu

This year, I have been granted special permission to be able to photograph on Mount Ruapehu by the Department of Conservation and local Iwi that reside in and come from the area that surrounds Tongariro National Park.

Tongariro National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is looked after and protected by 3 iwi, or native Maori tribes and part of that protection involves being careful to manage how Tongariro National Park is portrayed in the international media.  Mount Ruapehu is considered very sacred to the Maori people and therefore, they ask that the summit, crater lake and summit peaks not be photographed because they don't want to actively encourage visitors to go to the summit.

I am extremely thankful to be given the chance to photograph on Mt. Ruapehu this year, but it is for this reason that any photos taken at the summit or crater lake cannot be sold for a profit by me, and will not be available on my website.  I hope you will understand why I had to make this decision and if you are looking for those photos, this is the reason why they have not been included in the galleries on snow this year.  I am still able to provide you with other photos on the mountain and look for ward to capturing more memories with you.

If you know I took a photo of you but you don't see it, please get in touch with me and I can hopefully find it for you.

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